The SDG & Performing Arts Project

What is it ? [DEFINITION]

• A circle of performing artists and creative people which play arts together and produce artistic work for social communication and education on SDG.

Why Sustainable Development ? [SDG]

Performing Arts & Sustainable Development Goals meet up is dedicated to explore collectively on a a variety of artistic forms while also creating together artistic productions dedicated to sustainable development, in particular social communication and education on SDG.

SDG2030 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 by the United Nations, are meant to be implemented world wide, and necessary for all countries and nations, including Europe and the Netherlands. Each country has own level and form of challenges by trying to achieve the SDGs.

Social communication and education for sustainable development goals means to inform but also inspire, produce example and approach critical issues through arts.

Which type of art is it ? [PRIMORDIAL ARTISTIC FORMS]

In particular performing arts production will be developed from the perspective of the traditional bardo role of social communication and education through story telling, music, dancing, play (performing arts).

Artists in ancient civilizations and cultures had the function to collaborate with community awareness and communication, self-expression of issues and process of emotional collective solution making.

Ancient cultures methods for performing arts will be introduced to the ensemble, performing artist skills through training by the Matrix-Q Research Institute.

Which knowledge will be utilized ? [ TECHNOLOGY, SCIENCE & ARTS ]

The artistic work will seek for balance between arts, technology and science.
The frame of knowledge will be provided by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, a non profit organization dedicated to education, research and sustainable development. A training will be provided on know how models, language, symbols, images, topics, concepts that belong to scientific research, technology and sustainable development, which will suggest that along the process of achieving sustainable global development, human, nature, technology can rise together and in harmony with each other.

As well the Matrix-Q Research Institute will provide training on “The Primordial Performing Arts” a proto form of art which has an holistic and systemic social communication capacity and would be helpful for the artist to explore on while producing their artistic work.

Meet Up Session Program [ CONTENT ]

Along 120 min the following experience and process will be facilitated.

Part 01:

Presentation on SDG Topic, followed by discussion

Part 02:

Performing arts praxis self-expression play

Part 03:

Presentation on Holistic, Systemic, Concepts, Symbols, Story Telling and Images that helps us bring in harmony human, nature, technology and sustainable development. Followed by creative individual or small teams production.

Part 04:

Performing arts praxis. Exploring and defining the artistic production idea.

Part 05:

Matrix-Q Primordial Arts Method, How artists of ancient cultures and civilizations solved the issue. Futurist approach of ancient artistic paths.

Part 06:

Performing arts praxis. Co-creative final production. Play and recording.

Part 07:

Closing Circle Exploration. Sharing and insight


Introductory meet up sessions will help new artist to experience with us and explore in our vision.

Once a small circle of artists agree to follow a cocreative process and exploration together, new artists will be integrated only after they have gone through at least one introduction session. The introduction session offers the same program content as above and helps new performers to get in tune with a current on going process.

Performing arts world wide ? [ONLINE]

Along our sessions, production and social communication fun, we will do some footage and share online on our experiences. From abroad artists that wish to collaborate with our vision may join a special program that runs in parallel, and focus on same content explored in the Netherlands sessions, in synch with our creative circle. Our platform online also serves as communication and follow up environment.

Results, Social Communcation [ IMPACT ]

The results of one or more sessions dedicated to a particular topic may be shared to public and stakeholders in a variety of forms or will be stored in our ‘exploration archive”

Projects on going ? [URLS]

Please visit our project websites:

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