• [ Sun Dance Ɵ – Dance Floor ] a conscious ecstatic dance experience facilitated and co-created by performing artists, by applying Sun Dance Ɵ principles.


[ Sun Dance Ɵ – Dance Floor : RHENEN ]

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A conscious ecstatic dance experience facilitated and co-created by performing artists, by applying Sun Dance Ɵ principles.


Rhenen city, at the Montessori School GYM Room. Lijsterberg 113
3911 DJ Rhenen

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Play, dance, perform, improvise, co-create, self-express yourself through conscious ecstatic meditative performing arts.

ATTENDEES: no more than 27 dancers

09 min. Breathing and opening
09 min. Sun Dance Ɵ Principles, practices (course)
27 min. Sun Dance Ɵ Sonic Waves 387
27 min. Sun Dance Ɵ Sonic Waves 456
27 min. Sun Dance Ɵ Sonic Waves 219
09 min. Sun Dance Ɵ Sonic Waves Ɵ
09 min. Sun Dance Ɵ Silence
09 min. Sun Dance Ɵ Principles, sharing on the experience (course)
09 min. Breathing and closing
27 min. Holding space, network
TOTAL: 135 min (162 min)

Automated playlist, generated by DJ Matrix-Q.
Sonic therapy, mantras and nature inspired sounds only.

. Meditative conscious dance, play and self-expression improvisation.
. Vibration based communication, through humming, sounding or movement.
. Sonic and movement therapeutical practices (prevention) based. [ course units provided every dance session ]
. Music playlist selected by careful study of sounds and frequencies impact on human health, awareness, perception, emotions, mind and body.
. 9 stages of dance practice, levels of communication. A Language designed to inspire collective and solo dance through co-creation and respect of individuals and love partners space (course provided every session).
.Solo dance based
.Contact is not mandatory
.A space to celebrate life and nature
.Explore in all forms of self-expression

. Non verbal communication (We may sound, hum, or vibrate, whisper, but we do not talk as in normal daily life or parties)
. Non Violence Setting (body, emotions, energetic, sexual, psychologically intrusive practices are not allowed)
. Non Drugs Non Alcohol (addiction based practices are not allowed at the event or before. Attendees may not practice alcohol or drugs consumption before joining the event)
. Non sexual harassment (women, men are protected and safe, they may feel free and express themselves, by respecting the space and choices of other people. Seduction and Conscious Sexuality (tantra dance) based practices are not allowed)
. Family safe (Couples may join and feel save, love partners will not be molested, seduced, or provoked. They may dance solo or together, share vulnerability and openness without concern. Intrusive and destructive practices on love partners are not allowed)

ABOUT [ Sun Dance Ɵ – Dance Floor ]
Sun Dance Ɵ is an art form created and designed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken based on his research on human potential, nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient civilizations and cultures. https://sun-dance-theta.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info/method/