Sun Dance Ɵ is an art form created and designed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken based on his research on human potential, nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient civilizations and cultures. [ Matrix-Q Research Institute ]

  • [ Sun Dance Ɵ – Dance Floor ] a conscious ecstatic dance experience facilitated and co-created by performing artists, by applying Sun Dance Ɵ principles.
  • Sun Dance Ɵ – Explore ] Conscious and responsible exploration through meditative ecstatic conscious self-expression experienced through performing arts, play, roles, dance and music improv. A set of guidelines, limits and freedoms, skills, principles, learned through experiential and gamified training,  according to 9 levels of practice.
  • [ Sun Dance Ɵ – Ensemble ] A crew of performing artists which apply Sun Dance Ɵ methods.
  • [ Sun Dance Ɵ – DJ Matrix-Q ] Research and development of an innovative tools for Sun Dance Ɵ DJs, which utilizes A.I. engines and machine learning algorithms, focus on collective ecstatic dance pattern recognition, and emotions recognition, utilized to choose the right sequence of music tracks for a collective, to dance and play, at a Sun Dance Ɵ Dance Floor.
  • [ Sun Dance Ɵ – Sonic & Dance Therapy ] Research on a set of frequencies and their combinations, movements and positions, which follow precise algorithms, utilized for purpose of facilitating sonic and dance therapy or movement therapy.
  • [ Sun Dance Ɵ – Pax Primordialis ] Performing arts projects dedicated to inform, rise awareness and inspire public sensitivity and engagement into social and sustainable development issues, as for example, peace, non violence, SDG2030, human rights, multicultural integration, and others.
  • Sun Dance Ɵ – Licenses & Label ] For change makers that would like to implement and provide our know how and methods into their commercial or non commercial services.
  • [ Sun Dance Ɵ – Publications ] With detail on results and updates on our scientific research and projects.
  • Sun Dance Ɵ – Events ] Gatherings, presentations, round tables, multidisciplinary research and development, celebrations