You are a dancer, performing artists, coach, trainer, therapist, and would like to utilize the Sun Dance Ɵ methods and practices for your professional career, for commercial, non commercial, for profit or not for profit causes ?

  • [Explore] The training program involves 9 levels of development of skills and 9 levels of impact or application.
  • [Acquire Knowledge and skills] Certificates gives information on the number of units you have completed training about.
  • [Responsible use] Licenses are given after an evaluation process which ensures a responsible and professional use of the methods and availability of a set of skills. Sun Dance Ɵ licenses include Matrix-Q Education, Matrix-Q Brain GYM, Matrix-Q Primordial Arts, Matrix-Q Intelligence, Matrix-Q Life-Span & Matrix-Q Human Potential trainings, certificates and licenses.
  • [Change Maker] Schools with focus on education, arts and therapy, or community centres and therapy centres or collectives of therapists that wish to apply the Matrix-Q Standard for education, health and arts, may apply for a label, assessment of their current capacity and skills, and upgrade process, by utilizing Sun Dance Ɵ know how, skills and principles.

More details: Matrix-Q Research Institute Standard and Licenses/Label Consultancy Services